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Africa’s biggest Internet provider delivers… a crap website Posted in Website Design, Website Usability, Concocted by Fred Roed, 3 comments
Published on 5 August 2008

You’d think?? Telkom, South Africa’s biggest internet provider, 800lb gorilla of the African Internet, should really be able to deliver a smokin’ redesign.

Er, nope…

The result is actually an apocalyptic vision of mediocrity.

I may be wrong, but I’ve got a feeling this is another example of the IT dept. developing a big corporate website. This is a dangerous thing. You can’t leave a bunch of techies to create what is fast becoming the most important touchpoint of a brand. Your website is a marketing function, and Telkom’s marketing doesn’t come across with any conviction in Telkom’s new website.


You’d think SA would be getting it’s act together by now. After Standard Bank’s shocker a while ago, it seems that the suits are not learning their lessons fast enough.

People, speak to your marketing dept!

Preferably not the older chain-smoking marketing folk either; speak to the younger guys (you know, the ones that hang out all day on that £%$^£ Facebook!)

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Fred Roed

Fred is the CEO of digital marketing agency World Wide Creative. Fred co-founded The Heavy Chef Project, as well as Ideate, a forum for African entrepreneurs. Fred focuses on online brand building, marketing strategy and loud Hawaiian shirts. Fred is famous for his sartorial excellence, long diatribes about music and fanatical attention to detail when making pizza. Follow Fred on Twitter:

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  1. Figo Mago says

    Right you are! It really is a shocker. I am close to tears…
    (Btw I like the heavychef design a lot)

  2. Shaun O'Connell says

    @Fred: What would you do to improve upon the new site? What don’t you like about it?

    I agree that the site needs work, but why not aid them by telling them what you don’t like about it, or even better, offer suggestions.

    How will the marketing department fix it? They probably don’t know enough about IT.

  3. Fred says

    @ Figo – thanks, much appreciated.

    @ Shaun – good point that I should give suggestions. There are a number of things I can suggest, but maybe a post for another day. I’ll be glad to share my thoughts with them if they’re interested in contacting me.

    Regarding your question about the marketing dept. fixing it – they don’t have to ‘know IT’ to know that this is a marketing channel and should be treated as such. These days marketers MUST understand the online channel… and become actively involved in it.