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Augmented Reality Marketing Case Study: Education Posted in Augmented Reality, Concocted by LouisJvR,
Published on 28 April 2010

Imagine this:

You are a student. You are studying for Physics final exams.

You decided to switch on your PC/laptop and stand in front of your webcam.

You hold-up a piece of paper (provided to you by the teacher/downloaded and printed from the web) to the webcam and what you see in front of you is an interactive, 3-dimensional representation of a rollercoaster – explaining to you the laws of Newton…

I introduce to you LearnAR, a tearning tool for the future.

LearnAR combines the real world with online-multimedia-content, through using a web cam and a bit of software. At it’s core using the technology behind Augmented Reality.

Check out a demo of this tool:

LearnAR’s educational resource pack contains a set of interactive learning assignments across languages, math, physical education, biology and more.

(no doubt this was something I could’ve used back in the day!)

A huge opportunity for brands to latch on to an educational drive, get in front of the elusive, attention-starving and influential youth market, whilst providing real value in a wow-factor kinda way.

Alternatively, a tool like this can be something to invest in for internal staff learning, right?

Can you see the opportunities? Massive.

Takes online learning to a new level, doesn’t it!

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Louis is the Johannesburg manager of web marketing firm World Wide Creative. Louis is also known as the ‘Case Study Guy’ with an encyclopaedic knowledge of research resources to support the strategic initiatives he is involved in. In between organising Heavy Chef Sessions in the Gauteng region, Louis happens to have a mean sidestep on the rugby field. With his silky skills, dashing good looks, Colgate smile and cunning wit, Louis is the high school quarterback of the World Wide Creative marketing team.

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