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Can ORM help your Search Engine Rankings? Posted in Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimisation, Concocted by Ettienne Mostert, 1 comment
Published on 30 July 2010

ORM has been adopted as part of the online marketing mix because of its ability identify and actively manage what is being said about your brand online.  The general perception is that ORM only relates to containing the negative mentions  but as we have found at the Heavy Chef is that Online Reputation Management software has a much broader role to play in your brand’s life online (positive and negative).

Google SEOTo give you an example  it is useful to track discussions and themes relating to your brand. This is valuable when it comes to identifying prospective opportunities to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.

What I found practically is that certain keywords relate to each other.  Through the use of ORM software I find mentions of specific keywords relating to my brand. These keywords then again find other keywords that I might not have thought about which you can call secondary keywords.

Let me talk you through how this all happens:

Firstly you need to research keywords that are relevant to your brand. For example:

Keywords for  Barack Obama would include US President, USA, US Democrat, America, White House, US Legislation etc.

Then, when reviewing the data found you are able to pick up certain trends relating to your keyword which in this case could be the BP Oil spill. It takes some common sense to pick up the patterns with these trends. The trends can then be converted  to keywords relating to your brand.

Out of those keywords that you found, you need to decide which ones would bring you more return on investment and which are less competitive.

Once you’ve identified these keywords, the real SEO effort begins. You then go through the process of adjusting your content, optimizing and creating new pages to leverage the demand of those keywords you identified.

Why does this work?

Because you are already using the existing content out there and leveraging it further to promote your own brand. This way the foundation is already there for you to use.

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Ettienne Mostert

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