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  1. Augmented Reality for Mobile Posted in Augmented Reality, Mobile Marketing, Videos, Concocted by Mike Perk May 18, 2010 2 comments

    Mobile phones could be the best tool for making augmented reality utilitarian for most users. The guys from Channel Mobile talk about the potential revenue possibilities when using this technology on cell phones, especially offering location based services.

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  2. Heavy Chef April 2010 – Augmented Reality Posted in Augmented Reality, Heavy Chef News, Videos, Concocted by Mike Perk May 13, 2010

    With so much hype flying around the Augmented Reality space at the moment, it is important to pull away the smoke and mirrors and get to the core truth. Is this really a useful tool or just a flash in the pan creative technology with no real practical application? Read Further

  3. Using augmented reality – Is it helping to achieve the marketing objectives? Posted in Augmented Reality, Concocted by Mike Perk May 11, 2010 7 comments

    Saatchi and Saatchi New York have recently used Augmented Reality as part of their Honey Nut Cheerios campaign. As far as we know this is a world first AR game that launches off a cereal box (you can play it at:

    But as true Heavy Chefs we wanted to find out if it was just another fancy gimmick or if the overall marketing objectives were leading the process? We spoke to Manny Galan, SVP Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, to find out.

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  4. Mobile is starting to make the most of Augmented Reality Posted in Augmented Reality, Mobile Marketing, Concocted by Ettienne Mostert May 5, 2010

    In 2005 I tried  on a pair of Sony augmented reality (AR) glasses. AR (augmented reality) technology was basic at that stage nonetheless I was mesmorized by the idea of activating 3-dimensional space with digital layer of information. Read Further

  5. How can Augmented Reality build your brand? Posted in Augmented Reality, Branding Online, Concocted by Fred Roed May 4, 2010

    On Wednesday 28th April 2010, The Heavy Chef Project hosted a talk by Rich Mulholland on Augmented Reality (for those marketers amongst you with your head in the sand, Augmented Reality is the use of digital media within real life situations). We asked Rich to hold up a magnifying glass to this much vaunted technology and he delivered a scintillating talk. The conclusion Rich made was that, for AR to be truly effective, marketers and businesses must move away from seeing it as a novelty and looking to it as a utility.

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  6. Layar – an augmented reality browser for your phone! Posted in Augmented Reality, Mobile Marketing, Concocted by Jason Bagley April 29, 2010 4 comments

    The Layar Reality Browser is an Augmented Reality app that is currently available for the iPhone and Android based phones. Layar works by using a combination of your cellphone camera, GPS and compass to identify your position and field of view. It then retrieves data based on your geographical position and overlays that data over your camera’s view. Confused? Think of it like this – all you have to do is start up your camera, point it down a road and points of interest, shops, train stations and other places will light up on your phone with details such as distance to the place, reviews and contact numbers. Read Further

  7. How To Try Augmented Reality For Yourself Posted in Augmented Reality, Concocted by Yolandi Janse van Rensburg April 29, 2010 1 comment

    Even though Augmented Reality for me is still an idea that will only materialize in the near future, there are some examples of how it could work today. Read Further

  8. Augmented Reality Marketing Case Study: Education Posted in Augmented Reality, Concocted by LouisJvR April 28, 2010

    Imagine this:

    You are a student. You are studying for Physics final exams.

    You decided to switch on your PC/laptop and stand in front of your webcam.

    You hold-up a piece of paper (provided to you by the teacher/downloaded and printed from the web) to the webcam and what you see in front of you is an interactive, 3-dimensional representation of a rollercoaster – explaining to you the laws of Newton… Read Further

  9. Augmented Reality – its not just a gimmick Posted in Augmented Reality, Videos, Concocted by Mike Perk April 20, 2010 1 comment

    With so much hype around Augmented Reality my biggest fear is it will become just another gimmick.  I interview Al Cronje to see how Saatchi@Play have developed carefully stratigised projects using Augmented Reality that add value rather than just the wow factor. Read Further

  10. What is Augmented Reality? Posted in Augmented Reality, Digital Marketing Basics, Concocted by Yolandi Janse van Rensburg April 20, 2010 7 comments

    Preparation/Context: Imagine what you seen on TV or on your PC can be taken out of the screen and mixed into everyday life in the real world. This is Augmented Reality and it’s a new technology that blurs the barriers between reality and computer-generated enhancements. Read Further

  11. Heavy Chef Jozi: What the hell is “Augmented Reality” anyway? Posted in Augmented Reality, Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Yolandi Janse van Rensburg April 7, 2010

    Imagine being able to view two versions of the world around you. In the first world, things are pretty much as you’ve always known them to be. The birds around you are tweeting; neon billboards are blinking aimlessly. Don your Augmented Reality glasses and an entirely different scenario takes place. Read Further