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Controlling your company’s brand in the world of Social Media Posted in Branding Online, Digital Strategy, Online Reputation Management, Social Media, Concocted by Fred Roed, 5 comments
Published on 18 October 2009

Control is an unsettling word in the new parlance. “Give up control, sir!” said Ricardo Semler in his seminal books Maverick and The Seven Day Weekend. “Control has been lost in the digital economy!” shriek breathless ’social media scientists’ on their blogs and twitter streams. “Power to the People; we control the corporate brand now!” scream the new marketers, all of 22 years old, speaking from their accumulative 6 months of experience.


Don’t be fooled. Just because people are talking about your brand in public forums, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost control. As a marketer, you still steer the perception of your brand. The ‘conversation‘ is merely the consequence of your brand building efforts.

- Offer a good product
- Be consistent with your brand message
- Be pervasive
- Make promises you can keep

    By doing these things right, you have your hands firmly on your brand’s steering wheel.

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    Fred Roed

    Fred is the CEO of digital marketing agency World Wide Creative. Fred co-founded The Heavy Chef Project, as well as Ideate, a forum for African entrepreneurs. Fred focuses on online brand building, marketing strategy and loud Hawaiian shirts. Fred is famous for his sartorial excellence, long diatribes about music and fanatical attention to detail when making pizza. Follow Fred on Twitter:

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    1. Chipboard Sheets · says

      social media marketing is kinda new yet people are making FB pages to promote their products “

    2. Clint Pietersen says

      “The ‘conversation‘ is merely the consequence of your brand building efforts.” – I agree, that has ‘always’ been happening. The differences now are that the consequences are some what amplified and can occur much quickly because of social media. The conversation doesn’t control the brand but it does influence perception of it.

    3. Fred Roed says

      Absolutely. Although, again the ‘conversation’ and ‘online perception’ are now very current barometers of how effective your marketing efforts are.

    4. Lacoste Uk says

      Jonny thats seriously delightful every time anyone have this at our church my brother actually helps away from each other. i’m talking about cool how you reach somthing every person enjoy whilst helping others.

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