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Infographic: E-commerce In South Africa 2011 Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Agnes Sokol, 2 comments
Published on 11 October 2011

We recently came across this interesting infographic exploring facts about E-commerce in the South African market. It is an exciting time for e-commerce in South Africa. Over R2 billion was spent online in the country last year, many consumers are opening up to the idea of spending online and a maturing  market is offering more online products for customers.


This infographic comes from Shop Direct and the data was supplied by World Wide Worx.

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Agnes Sokol

Agnes is a bright spark in the growing leagues of young digital professionals and has already racked up an impressive list of projects around the world, She has a penchant for cause-related marketing working with the likes of Unicef, Thabo Mbeki Foundation and The Just Cause. Agnes also works closely with the “Beers for Grumpy Programmers” Foundation set up at the World Wide Creative studio, where she spends much of her time. Check out her blog and her Twitter profile to pick up on that American sass!

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  1. Wiehan Britz says

    OH How I hate made-up stats!! The only thing I like about the inforgraphic is the look-and-feel

  2. Fred Roed says

    Wiehan, the stats are not made up. They’re cited from SA’s leading digital research company: World Wide Worx.