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Emerging Markets More Receptive to Digital Marketing Posted in Branding Online, Digital Strategy, Heavy Chef News, Online Advertising, Concocted by Tatenda Mutsekwa,
Published on 15 August 2011

How similar are emerging markets to ‘mature’ markets? Or do they need to be looked at differently? A study was done by Microsoft Advertising, MEC and Mindshare Worldwide looking at the differences in internet behaviour between ‘mature’ markets and emerging markets.


The study titled “Living with the Internet: A Global Study of What’s Driving Web Behaviour” was done as a follow-up study to one which was published in 2007.  The difference between the new report and the last one is that it is more focused on understanding time spent online and how this information can be used by advertising agencies and brands. The other difference is that the emerging markets are better represented helping to create a better advertising strategy.

The report reveals that the needs between ‘mature’ and emerging markets are quite different. While most of consumers from emerging markets won’t mind seeing more video adverts online; this is in contrast with a significant percentage of consumers from ‘mature’ markets who feel that there are too many video adverts online. This shows that from an international brand, advertising must be tailored for a different context. Diverse markets respond uniquely to different advertising approaches. Another interesting finding is that branded social networking profile pages are more likely lead to consumers, from emerging markets, to talk about the brand and makes the consumer wanting to know more about the brand. While for consumers from ‘mature’ markets are likely to talk about brands found from search ads and map ads. This will lead them to want to find out more about the brand.


The conclusion from this report is that consumers respond differently to different advertising strategies. It also shows that engaging with consumers in emerging markets can be easier than in ‘mature’ markets. This study shows that advertising agencies and brands must be aware of the different contexts of their consumers and stop trying a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

To see the full report follow the link.

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Tatenda Mutsekwa

Tatenda Mutsekwa, writer at The Heavy Chef Project, has come into our digital kitchen like a stiff breeze. With a mix of refreshing directness and eager intellect, Tatenda is carving a unique space in amongst the crew at HC. On a daily basis, Tatenda cooks up visionary views and digital stews. Find her on Twitter at @tat_hilda.

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