Shirley Wakefield

The Future Of Mobile In Africa

Shirley Wakefield, CEO of Pondering Panda was the guest speaker at Heavy Chef in August 2012. Her presentation focused on mobile usage in Africa and provided the latest statistics and trend predictions on the future of this industry. 

Shirley Wakefield

The Future Of Mobile In Africa

August 2012

Mobile's Expansion In Africa

Heavy Chef’s guest speaker for August 2012 was Shirley Wakefield, who presented on mobile – one of the most talked-about topics in digital. As CEO of Pondering Panda, Shirley brought with her a wealth of insight on the mobile market and its relevance within the digital landscape in Africa. 

Wakefield shared a number of important statistics with the audience of digital professionals and mobile marketing enthusiasts. Her presentation identified that the biggest markets in Africa are Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco and Kenya. In some of these countries there is over 100% mobile penetration. With Ethiopia at 10% mobile penetration, there is huge scope for growth where connections can be increased drastically.

The potential for growth and innovation is endless. And as Shirley says, "In the absence of luxury, creativity is born."

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