Arthur Goldstuck

The State Of The Digital Nation In Africa 2015

As the foremost authority on market and technological trends, Arthur Goldstuck presented the digital state of the nation for 2015. His talk included the latest stats, charts and insights into the African digital economy. 

Arthur Goldstuck

The State Of The Digital Nation In Africa 2015

May 2015

Exciting Prospects For African E-Commerce

Heavy Chef was honoured to see the return of one of its most acclaimed speakers and the foremost authority on technological trends in Africa - Arthur Goldstuck. In much the same way as his presentation in 2014 provided an overview of the local digital climate, Goldstuck's talk covered the latest stats, graphs and figures on digital in Africa for 2015. More specifically, the state of e-commerce was presented.

Beginning with a look at the traditional retail sector, Goldstuck demonstrated that the conventional retail industry is somewhat stagnant, while the e-commerce environment particularly in South Africa, continues to grow. This, as his presentation illustrates, mirrors the worldwide trend in retail. 

Arthur presented his key findings, elaborating on the role that mobile is playing in the digital market and discussing how a gradual shift in consumer confidence is causing e-commerce to rise steadily. Online retail is expected to rise by 26% in 2015 and a further 20% growth rate is predicted for 2016. This amounts to an estimated R7.5 billion in 2015 and R9 billion in 2016. Watch his presentation to get more important statistics and a comprehensive look at the current state of the market.


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