Chris Rawlinson

Five Tips To Avoid Complacency In Today's Digital Economy

Chris addressed the problem of complacency within the digital industry and the danger of being left behind in an ever-evolving environment.

Chris Rawlinson

Five Tips To Avoid Complacency In Today's Digital Economy

May 2015

Avoiding The Complacency Trap In Digital

Ogilvy's Head of Group Innovations, Chris Rawlinson took to the Heavy Chef platform on 06 May to present his top five tips on avoiding complacency in today's digital economy. Quoting Warren Buffet, who names complacency as the biggest business killer, Chris foregrounded one of the biggest challenges for brands, companies and agencies - staying relevant.

His five point presentation took a culture-centred approach to tackling this challenge, with his first point advocating for the importance of people within any organisation. He highlighted purpose, mastery and autonomy as principles that brands should be nurturing within their workforce in order to ensure that teams remain motivated and dedicated. 

Chris also identified the importance of building a collaborative team spirit and looked at ways in which agencies, brands and start-ups are working together to produce unique concepts, win awards and drive success within a highly competitive industry. Making reference to a number of creative case studies in illustrating his points, Chris provided simple, actionable ways in which brands and companies can remain fresh and energised. 

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