Emma Sadleir

Don't Film Yourself Having Sex

In this video, Emma addresses some key concerns about how existing legislation applies to social media, child safety on digital and the reputational consequences of social sharing. 

Emma Sadleir

Don't Film Yourself Having Sex

February 2015

Legal Advice For The Age Of Social Media

Heavy Chef kicked off 2015 with an event on 04 February entitled “Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex.” Social media law expert and South African author, Emma Sadleir headlined the session which focused on social media – its legal pitfalls, the reputational risks of social sharing and some of the ethical issues that surround today’s self-publishing culture. 

Emma’s presentation covered thought-provoking ground on why the digital realm is so prone to privacy infringement, as well as the potential repercussions of not “thinking before you post.” In an age driven by instantaneous communication and ever-changing information, it is important for internet users to practice responsible digital citizenship and to recognise the drawbacks that come with having an online footprint. 

Defamation, data protection, intellectual property and insider trading were among a number of other legal implications that Emma urged Heavy Chef guests to consider before publishing content online. The presentation left no doubt that online reputation management should be a priority for brands, companies and individuals. In digital all content lasts forever (in one form or another). 

About Emma Sadleir

Emma Sadleir is a legal consultant and speaker, with a key interest in social media law. With a BA LLB degree from the University of Witwatersrand and a passion for working with people, Emma’s career seems to have expanded organically into the fast-paced world of digital. Her expertise as one of the country’s foremost authorities on social media law, placed her in the spotlight during the Oscar Pistorius trial with interviews on Carte Blanche and a number of prominent media channels. Emma has also completed a certificate course in Data Protection, Privacy Law and Access to Information and an LLM in Information, Media and Communications Law from the London School of Economics.

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