Katlego Maphai - Journey of an African Entrepreneur

 Watch Caley van der Kolk interview Katlego Maphai, the CEO and Co-Founder of Yoco Mobile Payment Systems. During this interview we get to the heart of the entrepreneur, the very insperational story of how Katlego and Yoco have become the driving force behind the innovation of mobile payments and giving everyone the chance to accept card payments. 

1 on 1 with:

Katlego Maphai


Katlego Maphai's Inspirational Journey

CEO and Co-Founder of Yoco

 This is the story of Katlego Maphai, the CEO and Co-Founder of Yoco - the mobile payment system taking over Africa.

Watch the full video for the amazing story about how Katlego has lived all over the world and this has defined him and created the entrepreneur he is today.

Here are some of the top insights from the interview he did with Caley van der Kolk for the Heavy Chef Show: 

- Yoco is a Point of Sale payment hardware that works with an app and a tablet

- Originated from a trip to San Francisco where he saw Square and noticed a gap in the market in South Africa

- Bradley Wattrus, Lungisa Matshoba, Carl Wazen and Katlego Maphai met up along the way and eventually decided to join forces and move to the Mother City

- Yoco POS system allows for easy accounting and stock takes

- Their main focus is allowing small businesses to accept card payments - no rental fees, easy access

Don't see diversity as compliance see it as something that can give you immense advantage

- Katlego wanted to be an architect - now he's building but its a FinTech company

- Defines himself as some who lives by the values that make him unique - focus on your strengths

- Yoco focuses on every customer as if it's their first


We asked a few fun questions at the end, here are some of the answers:

The entrepreneurial right of passage is doing a pitch, especially your first rejection! 

He's dream employee to work alongside would be Jeff Bezos - the founder of Amazon 




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