Craig Rodney - Power of a Passion Project

Caley van der Kolk interviewed Craig Rodney - the managing director of Cerebra Communications - about his personal passion project he undertook a few years ago. Craig founded the @SouthAfrica instagram page, he wakes up every day and uploads his favourite photo of South Africa. Why? Because he loves it. 

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Craig Rodney


Craig Rodney

Power of a Passion Project

Craig Rodney has had a successful career in the marketing industry, but for this episode of the Heavy Chef Show he speakers about his Passion Project: The @SouthAfrica instagram page. 

Here are some of the insights we gathered from the show: 

- Passion project to Craig is something that gives you energy and is personal, it is yours and is about production not consumption and should not be about revenue but more for enjoyment

- With the love of Instagram and the love of South Africa, Craig got hold of the @SouthAfrca username to showcase the best photos that he could find

- He focuses on making the account an inspiration for South Africa but has the fear that he only tells a certain story and not a broader range of stories that show a true perspective of South Africa

- It is his project, so he picks and choses what photos go up and if one day he wants to close the account - he can. 

- He has a routine of posting 2 photos before 8am and then a couple more throughout the day, 7 days a week

- The myths of a passion project are unravelled

- A passion project needs to be something that you love and that you can do forever, regardless of money.

- Passion is a hightened state of emotion, and focusing this on a project can make you very happy


Craig has hosted a number of "instameets" around South Africa, but his amazing story about the Graaff Reinet meet up is one of how South Africa is such a diverse country and filled with unique individuals from all walks of life. It is a must listen!




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