Justin McCarthy

The Digital State Of The Nation

Digital marketing is undoubtedly on the rise globally, but what does this mean within a South African context? Justin fills us in on the latest digital marketing stats, arguing that traditional media is "going nowhere."

Justin McCarthy

The Digital State Of The Nation

April 2014

Digital's Sexy Smokescreen

On the 10th of April 2014, 150 Heavy Chef guests streamed into the GIBS Campus in Sandton to witness the “Digital State of the Nation” presented by three of the heaviest media and analysis chefs we know. TBWA Durban’s MD, Justin McCarthy kick-started the debate, arguing that behind digital’s “sexy smokescreen,” lies a marketing medium that simply does not yet have the impetus to usurp the place of traditional media.

McCarthy informed us just as much as he entertained us with his no-nonsense approach to digital. His presentation brought the picture of digital media into the unique South African context. For marketers, it’s all about “using your kop,” as Justin claims. It’s about realising that digital and traditional media are both necessary in getting brand messages across effectively.

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