Rand Fishkin

Six Tips For Creating A Strategic SEO Campaign

2013 was kickstarted by none other than Rand Fishkin - search marketing guru and SEOmoz co-founder.

Rand Fishkin

Six Tips For Creating A Strategic SEO Campaign

January 2013

Strategic SEO Simplified

The first Heavy Chef session for 2013 was headlined by none other than Rand Fishkin – global SEO aficionado and founder of Moz. Fishkin’s light-hearted and inventive approach to search marketing was as much entertaining as it was informative.

Rand’s first tip was: “Get your brand’s story right. SEO is brand building.” His second point raised an important distinction between customers and customer influencers, and how to leverage the relationships between members of a target audience when creating a content marketing strategy. Fishkin’s 3rd tip for SEO marketers was: “Focus on inbound channels where your audience exists.” Watch his talk to get all six tips on creating a seamlessly strategic SEO campaign.

According to Rand, "Not giving up is one of the most powerful tools for inbound. Channels where others don't invest is where the real opportunities lie." An inspiring presentation. At the same session, Rand covered the latest trends in search marketing. 

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