Rand Fishkin

The Paradox Of Exceptional Marketing

Web users have developed ways of filtering out the daily deluge of marketing messages, social network content and emails. The challenge for marketers? Becoming signal rather than noise. 

Rand Fishkin

The Paradox Of Exceptional Marketing

November 2014

Becoming The Signal In The Noise

On 10 November 2014, Heavy Chef had the honour of hosting The Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin at World Wide Creative’s Cape Town studio. Presenting on the Paradox of Exceptional Marketing, Fishkin identified 6 of marketing’s greatest filters: audience, message, cost, serendipity, competitive advantage and the marketing flywheel. 

The challenge for marketers in becoming (as Rand puts it), signal rather than noise is to find ways to overcome these filters. In his presentation, Rand provided a number of creative ways to work around these filters, including becoming an early adopter and using everyday conversations as the key to finding out which content will enhance a marketing program. This session includes valuable insights for digital marketers who want to take their strategies and campaigns from “invisible” to “known” and "loved.” 

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