Rich Mulholland

How Not To Suck At Presenting

Rich Mulholland shared valuable insights on delivering power-packed presentations.

Rich Mulholland

How Not To Suck At Presenting

November 2015

Be The Most Authentic Version Of Yourself

On 03 November 2015, Heavy Chef hosted none other than Rich Mulholland – arguably one of the most animated, unashamedly irreverent, entertaining speakers that has ever headlined this event. Mulholland began his presentation by letting Powerpoint off the hook – arguing that “Powerpoint doesn’t suck – you do.” He then unpacked some of his own learnings on the art of presenting.

A far cry from the archetypal, “Ten Point Plan For Powerful Presentations” type of talk, Mulholland dispelled some of the myths surrounding how to convey a message effectively and memorably, particularly in the context of business. The talk also highlighted the importance of personal authenticity – bringing the most sincere version of yourself to every presentation. 

Other points touched on leadership and cautioned against sacrificing audience engagement for the sake of expediency. It’s not about the information that the audience gets – it’s about the information that the audience remembers. 

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  • Lerato Munyai

    3:50pm, 16 Mar 2016

    He has an innovative way of bringing his point across, quite funny too.

  • Fred Roed

    2:03pm, 16 May 2016

    Amazing talk. I've used many of these insights since. Thanks Rich for your contribution to the HC platform.