Sean Riley

The Power Of A Tweet

Internationally, Twitter has sparked political change and catalysed social cohesion. Locally, it has even saved lives and is being used to promote solidarity amongst communities. This session highlighted the ways in which brands can exploit its organic reach and leverage its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Sean Riley

The Power Of A Tweet

October 2014

Never Underestimate 140 Characters

Ad Dynamo’s CEO, Sean Riley was Heavy Chef’s featured speaker on 22 October 2014. Presenting on The Power Of A Tweet, Sean’s talk illustrated just how creative users and brands have become in terms of their ability to communicate messages in 140 characters. 

Positioning itself as an information platform rather than a social network, Twitter has established its reach throughout Africa and Sean had statistics to prove it. Touching on the “parallel consumption,” trend referred to by Luke Townsin in his presentation at Heavy Chef in September 2014, Riley claimed that the majority of South African Twitter users, use Twitter while watching TV. This presents a unique opportunity for brands to leverage current consumer behaviour in order to get their messages across on multiple channels – sometimes simultaneously.

To brand advocates and social media managers, Sean advised: "Twitter is not only about pacifying your critics, it’s about amplifying your fans." Great insight. 

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