Taddy Blecher

How Technology Is Revolutionising Education

In his presentation at Heavy Chef, Dr Taddy Blecher presented on how digital is changing and shaping the education system throughout Africa and the role that technology is playing as the driver of that change.

Taddy Blecher

How Technology Is Revolutionising Education

May 2016

We Are At A Turning Point In Human History

Dr Taddy Blecher is a pioneering advocate of the free education movement in South Africa and an award-winning entrepreneur who has played a major role in transforming the lives of thousands of students.

In his presentation at Heavy Chef, Blecher addressed a captive audience on the effects of technology on the education industry. As is the case with a range of other industries, technology is playing an increasingly disruptive role in education and is serving as a powerful enabler for global change. He pointed to visionaries in the tech entrepreneurship space as examples of self-empowerment and pinnacles of what he refers to as ‘the talent economy.’
Dr Taddy shared a bit about his personal background as part of a family whose “religion was education.” At the tender age of 27, he turned away from his career as an actuarial scientist in order to devote his skills to building a free university model – the Community and Individual Development City Campus (CIDA).
The first part of his three part presentation covers how advancements in technology are leading to the end of work as we know it and how education should develop people for the rapidly changing world we live in. It’s about developing masters – not leaders or consumers. Taddy goes on to introduce the Maharishi Institute and to talk about its life-changing free education initiatives in part two.  

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