Xolisa Dyeshana

What It's Gonna Take

 Xolisa Dyeshana shared fresh perspectives on the state of the industry and how brands can win in these trying times. His presentation identified the harsh realities as well as the practical solutions. 

Xolisa Dyeshana

What It's Gonna Take

February 2016

The Harsh Realities & The Hopeful Truths

On 10 February 2016, Heavy Chef had the honour of hosting Xolisa Dyeshana as the featured speaker for the evening. As the executive director at Joe Public – the largest independent ad agency in South Africa, Xolisa Dyeshana has built a burgeoning career on creative thinking and an aptitude for problem-solving. Hosted in Joburg at the headquarters of Microsoft South Africa, the event was a resounding success, filled with actionable insights. 

The title of Dyeshana's talk was "What It's Gonna Take - How Brands Can Win In These Trying Times." His presentation kicked off with the harsh realities of where the ad industry is and what its greatest challenges are. A struggling economy, internal financial pressures, the tense racial climate and the industry's lack of diversity, were highlighted as being some of our most intimidating hurdles. However, As Xolisa pointed out, we need to become more solution-orientated and strive towards problem-solving rather than "problem-finding."

According to Dyeshana, agencies need to start bringing the magic back into their work and advocate for the value of that magic. The most successful ads are those that invoke real emotion - this is something that creatives can leverage in order to get ahead. Citing some key examples of how this is being done around the world, Xolisa provided some actionable points on how brands can win against the odds. 

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