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Heavy Chef with Michael Jordaan Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Alexa Tiganis, 3 comments
Published on 29 August 2013

Last week, Heavy Chef, together with World Wide Creative, was privileged to host innovation leader and CEO of First National Bank, Michael Jordaan, at our August session. Speaking at Deloittes in Johannesburg, Jordaan focused his talk on lessons in innovation and how FNB has used technology and digital innovation to challenge the traditions and norms in banking.

Addressing the Johannesburg audience, Jordaan spoke personally on the topic, sharing stories from FNB and how some of their most innovative ideas came about. A firm believer that “no-one is smarter than everyone,” Jordaan shared how he has fostered a company culture which encourages employees from all levels in the corporate hierarchy, from the top level of management right down to ground level, to come forward with their ideas. According to Jordaan, innovation heroes aren’t the ones who develop the ideas; they are the guys who navigate corporate bureaucracy to take ideas to reality, stating, “If you don’t have a culture that recognizes that leadership doesn’t know everything, you cannot innovate.” It is through this leadership style, that has led FNB to revolutionary ideas such as free slow lounge access, iPad deals and ebucks rewards.

The monthly event was booked out in a matter of hours, and over 400 people attended the session, making it our biggest audience to date. Jordaan, the man that revolutionised digital consumer relations in the South African banking sector, reiterated his down-to-earth nature by speaking openly and passionately.HeavyChef-crowd2

“Speaking with sincerity makes @michaelJordaan a convincing speaker. Passion makes him compelling” – Nicole Brower

“@MichaelJordaan makes me want to go out and tackle the world. An absolutely brilliant and relatable speaker.” – Lee-Anne Olfsen

Big thank you to our sponsors World Wide Creative, Deloittes, Backsberg, Nokia RSA, and Channel Mobile. If you would like to hear more about the Heavy Chef events, sign up to our newsletter here.

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Alexa Tiganis

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