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How To Build An Online Audience: Key Elements Explained By Primedia’s Athar Naser Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Wendy Tayler, 1 comment
Published on 18 October 2012

Head of Juice Content, a division of Primedia Online, is Athar Naser. Juice Content aims to deliver content across digital platforms and create custom written material, as well as strategize and manage social media platforms. We speak to Athar about their content marketing differentiations, building an online audience, and their new involvement with SCNET.

ATHARJuice Content has recently expanded into content marketing. How would you define content marketing in a sentence?

Content marketing is a way to engage and communicate with existing and new audiences by creating and analysing content that becomes integral to their lives.

How does content marketing differ from blogging and social media campaigns?

Content marketing campaigns include, but aren’t limited to, blogs and social media. They focus on content carefully designed to appeal to the targeted consumer. They’re ongoing campaigns that are monitored frequently and adjusted as needed to make sure audiences continue to be attracted to the brand and keep engaging with it.

Your division recently got involved with an initiative that connects big investors with small businesses. Can you tell us about this?

SCNET is a digital portal that, in association with Absa, provides small businesses with access to growth opportunities by linking them with big investors. In working with SCNET we’re helping to encourage the development of a healthy SME sector, which is very fulfilling work.

Our key objective with SCNET is to slowly position them as a key resource for SMEs, creating engagement, awareness and a strong profile. One of the ways we’re doing this is by providing bespoke content in the form of ‘how-to’ guides for the small business owner as well as through a business-interest newsfeed that will be updated often. These will be seeded across social media channels, which we will also manage and grow.

How do you see Juice Content having a unique advantage in this space?

Juice Content, as part of Primedia Online, has an advantage when it comes to providing the multi-pronged approach a successful content marketing campaign needs. This includes content creation, social media engagement, media management and online marketing. We have an incredible pool of internal resources such as a team of highly qualified, professional editors, a dedicated content team, and over 45 publishers of unique content we can syndicate from.

What have been the key elements in helping businesses build an online audience?

There are a number of key elements, but I’d have to say fresh, interesting and unique content, an ongoing tracked and monitored strategy, and knowing your audience are the most important things to bear in mind.

What is next in the pipeline?

We are working on some very exciting pitches at present which are really allowing us to be creative and strategic. We’re a unique offering in our space which means we have to stay on top of the game and always be clever and innovative. That in itself is enjoyable and challenging. We are looking to secure more business wins, grow as a department, and strengthen our offering.

Thank you for sharing with us, Athar. We look forward to more great things to come from Juice Content. Find out more about what they do here.  Follow Juice Content on Twitter here.

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Wendy Tayler

Wendy is the Editor in Chief at Heavy Chef. After 3 years cooking up a storm at UNISA studying English and Communications, Wendy decided to mesh her passion for writing with her love of digital. She firmly believes the world is moving into the online sphere and can be found writing, tracking down great names for interviews, or singing her heart out at the World Wide Creative studio.

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