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Mayo Clinic – A Practical Case Study on Using Social Media Posted in Social Media, Concocted by LouisJvR,
Published on 24 June 2009

An excellent case study for using social media as a marketing and communications tool for non-sexy brands – like Mayo Clinic, a leading medical/surgical clinic based in the US.

This interview by Guy Kawasaki with Lee Aase, social media manager at Mayo Clinic, shows how they make in-depth health and medical news content available directly to patients and interested consumers in order to encourage feedback, dialog, and sharing of information.

An excerpt from interview:

“With over 90 percent of Mayo Clinic patients reporting that they say “good things” to their friends after a visit, using social media tools to amplify their impressions seemed reasonable.”

“That said, we didn’t just immediately jump into blogging, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. It was a natural, gradual progression that incorporated what I [Lee Aase] like to call, “The MacGyver Mindset”…creating new solutions out of resources we already had on hand.”

Specifically, what I like about Mayo Clinic’s approach to social media is their mandate for being nimble, thinking on their feet and having an in-depth knowledge about Mayo Clinic’s strengths and values.

That they have key staff members like Lee Aase to represent these traits is a blessing.

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Louis is the Johannesburg manager of web marketing firm World Wide Creative. Louis is also known as the ‘Case Study Guy’ with an encyclopaedic knowledge of research resources to support the strategic initiatives he is involved in. In between organising Heavy Chef Sessions in the Gauteng region, Louis happens to have a mean sidestep on the rugby field. With his silky skills, dashing good looks, Colgate smile and cunning wit, Louis is the high school quarterback of the World Wide Creative marketing team.

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