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Movie Credits Posted in Branding Online, Concocted by Fred Roed,
Published on 22 December 2008

When I studied at the Cape Technikon Design School in the mid 90’s, a superbly talented mate of mine (who went to go onto be an art director at a host of advertising agencies in Cape Town and the UK) revealed that deep down his real passion was to be a movie credit designer. I was stunned, since I never really thought of that as a ‘career’. I’ve always remembered that conversation whenever I see a cool movie intro, and so, it was a fair dose of interest that I viewed Smashing Mag’s latest gallery masterpiece: ‘30 Unforgettable Movie Opening Sequences‘. 

Check out the gallery here.

At the same time we had the conversation back in the 90’s, the hot film of the moment was Se7en – the creepy 7 sins film with Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt – and everyone was talking about how cool the opening sequence was:

Thanks Vitaly and crew for yet another amazing and painstakingly put-together post.

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Fred Roed

Fred is the CEO of digital marketing agency World Wide Creative. Fred co-founded The Heavy Chef Project, as well as Ideate, a forum for African entrepreneurs. Fred focuses on online brand building, marketing strategy and loud Hawaiian shirts. Fred is famous for his sartorial excellence, long diatribes about music and fanatical attention to detail when making pizza. Follow Fred on Twitter:

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