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Pay for your Ads – only if they generate leads Posted in Online Advertising, Concocted by Mike Perk,
Published on 21 March 2007

This really is note worthy news for web marketers and companies out there and it might change the whole face of advertising online (but we said that about Adsense too).

A lot of the blogs have been commenting on Googles new venture over the last couple of days, but I thought Search Engine Land (who google have used to launch the product) sum it up best:

“Google announced a limited U.S. only beta for a new service they are calling Pay Per Action
ads. Google Pay Per Action will allow advertisers to create ads that
cost only when a desired action is triggered. The advertiser sets the
price per action; for example, an advertiser can decide to pay $5 per
lead acquisition, as opposed to paying per click or per impression.”

It raises a couple of questions:

1) When will it hit South Africa? I’m keen to try it!

2) Will the affiliate networks support the tracking it would require?

3) What will happen if you place an ad in your web page/blog and then the advertiser pulls the ad?

It will be interesting to how far this goes, but I have a sneaky feeling that this one could be huge for advertising companies the world over.

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Mike Perk

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