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Pay Per Click Intro Posted in Digital Marketing Basics, Online Advertising, Concocted by Mike Perk, 2 comments
Published on 13 October 2006

I’m really starting to love You Tube. Same guys at Sage Rock giving a really good introduction to using Pay Per Click for web profitability.

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Mike Perk

Mike is the Managing Director of digital marketing agency World Wide Creative and co-founder of The Heavy Chef Project. A video blogger who happens to know a fair amount about web marketing; presenting on SEO, Usability and Analytics at digital conferences and marketing courses worldwide. A passionate Spurs fan, Mike also co-hosts the popular football video blog:

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  1. Karin says

    Just had a thought (but this might turn into a complete other project for you guys):

    How would promoting your company through YouTube work compared with MySpace (one of the other hot things on the web now)?

    Could a dull accountant use YouTube for an Advertorial? Or a business coach, webdesign company? Or would it be more something for an artist (any artist: from music, painter, writer etc)?
    (I really should go out more)

  2. Mike Perk says

    I was just impressed with what the guys at saltrock were doing and how its a great way of building the brand through advice. Via Youtube I’ve now heard of an SEO/ppc company (one of thousands) based in the US just because they decided to get the message out in a different way. Cheap advertising I suppose.

    p.s. Its really because I’ve always wanted to be on TV :-)