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Retouching Magic Posted in Website Design, Concocted by Fred Roed, 1 comment
Published on 17 November 2008

I love observing a specialised talent, especially as the digital industry is throwing up new roles all the time. One highly specialised job is that of a photo retoucher. Thomas from Retouch Shoppe emailed me today with his retouching portfolio (which you can check out here). I’ve highlighted an example below.

Amazing, I love the subtleties that make all the difference.




retouch magic

Love the site too – no need for words, just two important links for the nav is all that’s needed.

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Fred Roed

Fred is the CEO of digital marketing agency World Wide Creative. Fred co-founded The Heavy Chef Project, as well as Ideate, a forum for African entrepreneurs. Fred focuses on online brand building, marketing strategy and loud Hawaiian shirts. Fred is famous for his sartorial excellence, long diatribes about music and fanatical attention to detail when making pizza. Follow Fred on Twitter:

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