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SEO quiz Posted in Search Engine Optimisation, Concocted by Mike Perk, 3 comments
Published on 8 October 2007

I landed on the site at the weekend only to see the words “quiz” in a big banner across the screen. Seeing as I had three proposals to write I didn’t need much of an excuse to procrastinate and do something else.

An hour later I wanted to stop but couldn’t and the fact I am slightly OCD was starting to kick in. I can’t not complete something, I have to finish it. “Walk away” I’m telling myself, “walk away” – my eyes are starting to go blurry. Anyway, I finally get there and am please to find out I did alright.

SEO Dark Lord – 91%

Are you an SEO Expert?

So attention all search marketers in South Africa: go check it out. I certainly learnt one or two things along the way and it also helped to dust off the cobwebs with things I hadn’t thought about for a while.

- Perky

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Mike Perk

Mike is the Managing Director of digital marketing agency World Wide Creative and co-founder of The Heavy Chef Project. A video blogger who happens to know a fair amount about web marketing; presenting on SEO, Usability and Analytics at digital conferences and marketing courses worldwide. A passionate Spurs fan, Mike also co-hosts the popular football video blog:

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