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Successful Twitter Campaigns: IBM Lotusphere Posted in Heavy Chef News, Twitter, Concocted by Tatenda Mutsekwa,
Published on 13 July 2011

This campaign is quite interesting as it provided a landing site for people who were interested in all things Lotusphere 2011. To begin with, I will provide an explanation of what Lotusphere is before geeking out on the way the campaign was so successful.

Lotusphere is a conference held annually by IBM for its customers. It provides an opportunity for the attendees to listen to speakers about how the newest technology can benefit business. The main focus is on the people who use Lotus software, therefore the people who are being targeted are viewed as tech savvy. The Lotus software helps with productivity within the work environment so the Lotusphere site spoke to the target market which would appreciate a site where all the information is available and they would be able to know what kind of conversations where happening around Lotusphere 2011 without having to go to each different site. Clever!


Lotusphere ran from 30 January to 3 February 2011. Mid-way through the event, there were more than 20 000 tweets with the #ls11 hashtag. IMB claims that the campaign managed to get over 41 million impressions on Twitter. This is impressive given the way this campaign was run. The landing site provided an interactive aspect with the videos and the pictures which the public could also upload of their experiences. Having such a site makes it easier for someone to see and be part of the conversation.

Picture 7

With the success of Lotusphere, I would like to know if this kind of campaign is possible in emerging markets. I feel like there are certain events that could get more publicity if they could use such an approach. One of the nice things about this example is that the conversation is still continuing well after the event.

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Tatenda Mutsekwa

Tatenda Mutsekwa, writer at The Heavy Chef Project, has come into our digital kitchen like a stiff breeze. With a mix of refreshing directness and eager intellect, Tatenda is carving a unique space in amongst the crew at HC. On a daily basis, Tatenda cooks up visionary views and digital stews. Find her on Twitter at @tat_hilda.

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