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  1. 22Seven Exits Beta Stage Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Wendy Tayler May 11, 2012

    As of yesterday, 22Seven officially exited beta stage. Their current customers who were using the money management service for free, will be given notice and as of next month, a R70 fee will be charged. “This was originally formed around behavioural psychology. We tend to overestimate our own abilities, and underestimate what will happen,” Founder of 22Seven, Christo Davel, explains. Read Further

  2. Heavy Chef Session: Christo Davel Of 22Seven – Irrational Behaviour, User Experience & Design Posted in Videos, Concocted by Wendy Tayler April 11, 2012 5 comments

    To start off our 2012 sessions, we hosted Christo Davel, founder of 22Seven, a financial service that helps you manage and monitor your spending. The talk revolved around our irrational behaviour, the user experience and design. Christo provided some great insight into the aim of this service. Take a look at what he suggests is the key to financial success. Once again, a big thanks to Deloitte, Backsberg wine, Nokia and Channel Mobile.

  3. Heavy Chef February Session: 22Seven Explained By Christo Davel Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Wendy Tayler March 1, 2012 1 comment

    Last night Heavy Chef held yet another memorable and intriguing session. Christo Davel from 22Seven was there to explain his latest service, a money management tool that aims to highlight our emotional spending. 22Seven was inspired by The Institute of Play, bringing game design, research and critical tools together in order to illustrate spending and saving. Read Further

  4. 22seven’s Entry Into SA’s Financial Arena: The Christo Davel Interview Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Wendy Tayler February 9, 2012

    Christo Davel is the founder and CEO of new financial management service, 22seven. After launching the pilot test, 22seven is now available to the public for free, while final tweaking is taking place. It will then have a subscription fee of R70 a month. So can it change your financial life?  Heavy Chef chatted to Christo about the challenges they are facing, their strategy and why money management is so important. Read Further