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  1. Dave Duarte On Social Media In South Africa: 30% Growth Expected In 2013 Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Wendy Tayler August 17, 2012

    Entrepreneur and digital media educator, Dave Duarte, is a highly respected figure in the South African online space (as well as abroad). Currently Dave is the CEO of Treeshake, a startup investment company that also manages educational projects involving web and mobile technology. Dave offers his expertise to Universities across the globe, and is the Principal at the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy. We spoke with him about the different uses of social media in South Africa in comparison to more developed countries. Dave also shared his thoughts on Facebook going public. Read Further

  2. Arthur Goldstuck From World Wide Worx Shares Latest Research On Smartphones And Key Marketing Trends Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Wendy Tayler July 23, 2012 7 comments

    Arthur Goldstuck is highly regarded in the mobile, internet and business space. As the Founder of World Wide Worx, a technology marketing research organisation, and award-winning author, journalist and expert commentator, it is not difficult to see why. Heavy Chef got the opportunity to pick his brain on some of the most intriguing research that World Wide Worx is currently involved in, as well as some of his future predictions. Read Further

  3. How Real-Time Social Networking Has Transformed Journalism Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Wendy Tayler July 20, 2012 2 comments

    Residing in Germany, Steffen Konrath is the Editor-in-Chief for the popular blog, NextLevelOfNews. He is also the Founder of Liquid Newsroom, a real-time news curator and ultra-fast publishing platform. Steffen has a reputation for his research on the future of journalism and media. Wish over 70,000 Twitter followers, he is sure to capture interesting and insightful information regarding technology and how it is affecting the traditional structures of journalism. We asked Steffen to share some of those fascinating findings with us. Read Further

  4. Top 5 Social Networking Sites Outside the Big 3: Renren (4 of 5) Posted in Heavy Chef News, Social Media, Concocted by Tatenda Mutsekwa August 5, 2011

    With Facebook being banned from entering the social networking market in China. This is fertile ground for other social networks to stake a claim in China. My previous article, I looked at Qzone. This article is going to look at the fourth social networking site called Renren. I told you earlier about the Russian Facebook, Renren is considered to be the Facebook of China.

    Read Further

  5. Top 5 Social Networking Sites Outside the Big 3 (Part 1 of 5) Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Tatenda Mutsekwa August 1, 2011 4 comments

    The world of social networking seems to be at a stable place with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn being the titans of the online world. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other social networking sites out there. This is a perfect time to look at other social networking sites since the launch of Google+ and MySpace being sold.

    Read Further

  6. Is Mobile Overhyped in Africa? Posted in Emerging Markets, Mobile Marketing, Concocted by Agnes Sokol January 28, 2011 2 comments

    2010 seems to have been the year of mobile media. At every turn, we were bombarded with statistics on mobile networks, ideas for new mobile campaigns and the overarching message that without incorporating mobile strategy, we were somehow missing out. The craze of mobile media was heard loud and clear but it has lead me to wonder whether it is properly deserved. In Africa, is mobile truly critical or if has it been overhyped as the must-have technology this past year? Read Further

  7. Is the mobile web only for kids and geeks? Posted in Mobile Marketing, Concocted by LouisJvR January 19, 2011 4 comments

    A recent study by marketing research company Pew Internet found that social networking site usage grew 88% among Internet users aged 55-64, and the 65 and older group’s social networking presence grew 100% during 2010. A great deal of this upward trend has been attributed to a marked increase in mobile usage amongst this demographic. Indeed the demographics around the mobile web is fragmenting by the day. Read Further

  8. How to make your website mobile friendly Posted in Mobile Marketing, Concocted by Fred Roed January 17, 2011 7 comments

    These days it’s becoming a standard question in client meetings; “…what about mobile?”

    Clients have realized that building a community is critical to their marketing campaigns. Brands like Red Bull and Ray Bans are hitting the social channel hard. Gucci are moving millions from their traditional budgets to engagement via social media.  As social networking becomes increasingly more important in community building strategies, we need to be cognisant of some seismic changes in the mobile environment – the key one being that audiences are looking at Facebook and Twitter more via their mobile phones than on their desktop devices. Read Further

  9. Social networking on your mobile phone: child’s play or adults only? Posted in Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Concocted by Lauren Potgieter January 13, 2011

    Social networking straight from your mobile phone; we all do it. If we see something great, we snap a quick picture and add it to our Twitter or Facebook accounts for others to see. If we want to get in contact with a friend, a phone call is no longer needed, all we have to do is log onto Mxit or Whatsapp and we can chat for as long as we want for the fraction of a price of a regular phone call or a text message. Even though some of us are wary of utilizing our phones for social networking, the truth is that it is not age discriminating and there is no doubt that this applies to all forms of communication today. Read Further

  10. Should you modify your site for Mobi? Posted in Mobile Marketing, Concocted by Neerali Gajjar January 12, 2011 5 comments

    Cell phones have come a long way, from being the size of bricks and only able to make calls, to now virtually being hand held PCs (or Macs). Calls aren’t the primary reason to use a cell phone, according to the New York Times, “for the first time in the United States, the amount of data in text, e-mail messages, streaming video, music and other services on mobile devices in 2009 surpassed the amount of voice data in cell phone calls.” Read Further

  11. Twitter: “40% of All Tweets Come From Mobile” Posted in Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Twitter, Concocted by Yolandi Janse van Rensburg January 11, 2011 1 comment

    Mashable posted a very interesting article a few days ago on the amount of tweets coming from our phones. The estimation was 40% of all tweets are coming from mobile phones. Read Further

  12. 10 Reasons why people unfollow you on Twitter Posted in Social Media, Twitter, Concocted by Yolandi Janse van Rensburg December 13, 2010 13 comments

    So, you’re follower count is dropping? Did your followers stop responding to your tweets? Here are 10 reasons why people will unfollow you: Read Further

  13. Should you get your CEO on Twitter? Posted in Community Management, Social Media, Twitter, Concocted by Sachin Ranchod December 10, 2010

    In recent years there has been a distinct shift in how many companies use Twitter to build their brand.  The focus is no longer on just creating a faceless corporate account that tweets about what’s happening in the business and industry.  Instead, it is becoming popular for companies to build their brand by focusing on promoting some of the different people (like a flamboyant CEO) within the organisation.   Read Further

  14. How do you gain influence on Twitter? Posted in Twitter, Concocted by Jason Bagley December 3, 2010 3 comments

    This is very much a follow up to the post I wrote last week about getting your first Twitter follower. How do you gain influence on Twitter? In other words, how do you get others to almost look up to you and listen? Not everyone is influential so trying to become influential on Twitter, or any Social Media platform for that matter, might not necessarily work for you! That being said, everyone can definitely increase their number of followers and gain respect and possibly influence on Twitter. Read Further

  15. Using Twitter for Charity Posted in Social Media, Twitter, Concocted by Neerali Gajjar December 1, 2010 7 comments

    Social media has taken over our lives – it has become the new place to ‘hang out’. We can chat to friends who are across the globe and it also allows us to get recommendations from friends about which products and services to use. It is this latter point that has become a new marketing feeding ground that has been coined as crowdsourcing. Jeff Howe from Wired magazine defines it as “delegating a task to a large diffuse group, usually without substantial monetary compensation”. Read Further

  16. Twitter TV: The Future of Interactive Entertainment Posted in Social Media, Twitter, Concocted by Yolandi Janse van Rensburg November 30, 2010 4 comments

    Ellen McGrit recently wrote such an interesting post on Fast Company titled ‘I Want My Twitter TV!’ It’s all about “why everyone — CNN, MTV, Conan, and even Google — is tweeting about the future of interactive entertainment.”

    Here’s a quick snippet from Ellen’s post: Read Further

  17. Your Twitter Community – Be Nice, Think Twice: Twitter Etiquette 101 Posted in Community Management, Social Media, Twitter, Concocted by Lauren Potgieter November 29, 2010

    All of us are impressed with good etiquette. Whether we are called by our surname when signing something at the bank or we are thanked for letting someone in whilst driving – we know that being polite pleases others, especially when you’re representing a brand or even yourself as a brand online. On Twitter specifically, it is imperative to be polite to your community, because even though etiquette is seen as somewhat old fashioned, it will encourage your current community to keep coming back for more. Read Further

  18. What’s Trending on Twitter? Posted in Social Media, Twitter, Concocted by Yolandi Janse van Rensburg November 18, 2010 5 comments

    Today’s trending topics on Twitter would include #PrinceWilliam, #KateMiddleton and many more hot topics that people are talking about around the world. What’s trending on Twitter would change every day and perhaps a few times a day. In other words, trending topics on Twitter are subjects people are talking about. The more popular a subject, the more likely it will be trending. Read Further

  19. Golf Case Study: Integrating Twitter & other social media tools with your value offerings Posted in Branding Online, Social Media, Twitter, Concocted by LouisJvR September 26, 2009 1 comment

    (this is a re-post from my Posterous blog)

    A month or two ago showed the world just how effectively social media can be integrated with your value offerings.
    First some context, at the recent PGA Championship, people were on the edge of their seats as they watched Tiger Woods and Y.E. Yang battle it out for the coveted trophy (surprisingly, Yang won eventually!) – however a huge contingent was following the action online.
    Where came to the party, the provided their visitors with:
    Live online video streaming (not just ‘highlight’ clips, LIVE streaming of the entire play-off)
    Shot for shot commentary and related news updates relevant to event
    However where really came to the party was giving users the ability to chat live, as event were unfolding, on via their favourite social networking tools – Twitter, Facebook and MySpace (MySpace? This still relevant? ;) ).
    So, how it worked, basically you logged in through using your preferred social networking profile and then posted your status updates or tweets on an aggregated page. Simple and easy to use (screenshot below).
    From a user’s point of view, you can imagine the appeal – you’re into what’s happening between Tiger and Yang and can now interact with the event in any number of ways – watch on TV, watch online, connect with other fans, share your thoughts with your friends/followers. Just many touch points, all adding to your golfing experience.
    But, the real kick of it, the ROI for
    Online advertising – needless to say, the streaming and live chat platforms had its own sponsors and advertising on its pages
    TV commercials – live streaming didn’t cut commercials, so if you were watching, commercials were no different then watching it on TV
    Database – you had to be part of’s community, this provided them with loads of demographical info on its viewers
    Viral – User updates were pollinated across their specific social networking profile i.e. if you tweeted on, your Twitter followers was able to see it
    Measurable – what duration a person was logged on to, how many updates they posted, how much was viewed, how many clicks etc etc
    In the not too distant future, I imagine or any other socially integrated site out there would be able to profile you (based on your social networking information) and then show advertising/promotions that is most suited to your profile.
    For example, in a previous status update you mentioned you and the wife are house hunting and you both are sooo excited. So, you’ve used your social networking profile to login to a specific site and presto!, you see an advertisement: ‘Properties for Sale in (insert your region)”… talk about targeted advertising.
    This is where the world is heading.
    All very exciting and well done to for adding to golf fans golfing experience.
    As a side note, getting users to log in to your site via their social networking profiles is a trend that uber-analyst, Jeremiah Owyang, refers to as The Era of Social Colonization – as Jeremiah puts it:
    “Gone are the days of isolated websites – all becoming part of a greater, integrated social web; web technologies will focus on making web users online identities central and portable i.e. visitors to your site will bring their identities with them”
    I did a more detailed write-up of Jeremiah’s analysis on my blog if you’re interested > The Future of the Social Web – Take it Seriously
    (thanks to for inspiring this post (here)!)

    A month or two ago showed the world just how effectively social media can be integrated with your value offerings.

    First some context, at the recent PGA Championship, people were on the edge of their seats as they watched Tiger Woods and Y.E. Yang battle it out for the coveted trophy (surprisingly, Yang won eventually!) – however a huge contingent was following the action online. Read Further

  20. Brand-owned Online Community for Movie Buffs Posted in Branding Online, Social Media, Concocted by LouisJvR September 5, 2008 3 comments

    brand owned

    I’d like to bring your attention to a not-so-unique, not-so-flashy, but well thought out online community. An online community that is championed by a specific brand and that I think has some very interesting lessons for all involved in this space… first, the background:

    One of the largest cinema/entertainment companies in Canada, Cineplex, has recently launched its very own – and I quote: “online social networking movie and entertainment community” (jeez, that was a mouth full!) called mycineplex Read Further