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Published on 23 September 2008
Evolution of Marketing

heavy chef

I stumbled across this cartoon from Tom Fishburne – “Evolution of Marketing“:

It’s evident for me that product-owners, companies and brands are relinquishing more and more control over to the consumer – not by choice, but by evolution.

Taking this into account, it has become our mission as a web marketing company to challenge companies that in order to succeed with their marketing initiatives, they will need to put A LOT more effort in:

  1. Understanding their customers
  2. Creating opportunities for their customers to speak & interact with them
  3. Finding avenues to grab (AND HOLD!) their customer’s attention
  4. Identify high-potential brand advocates and spoil them
  5. Critically review their own marketing initiatives and internal marketing custodians
  6. Thinking long-term i.e. where do I want to go with this?

Lastly, in order to succeed in an increasingly challenging business environment, companies and brands will need to create marketing strategies (NOT campaigns…strategies…there’s a difference!) that make use of various communication (read: media; read: technology) channels that have a common-thread running through re the message that you want to convey to your customers.

It’s not rocket science. It’s marketing 101… only, this time, your customer is listening, thinking… maybe advocating…

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Louis is the Johannesburg manager of web marketing firm World Wide Creative. Louis is also known as the ‘Case Study Guy’ with an encyclopaedic knowledge of research resources to support the strategic initiatives he is involved in. In between organising Heavy Chef Sessions in the Gauteng region, Louis happens to have a mean sidestep on the rugby field. With his silky skills, dashing good looks, Colgate smile and cunning wit, Louis is the high school quarterback of the World Wide Creative marketing team.

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