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Top 5 Social Networks Outside the Big 3 (Part 3 of 5) Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Tatenda Mutsekwa,
Published on 4 August 2011

The third article in the series about the top 5 social networking sites outside the big 3 discusses Qzone. This social network can be found mainly in China. According to their 2009 report more than 200 million people in China were using QZone, leaving behind the leading international players like Facebook and MySpace. Recent statistics have shown this number to have doubled.


Unlike V Kontakte, which had English language capabilities helping me to understand what was happening, this network was a bit more difficult to tackle due to the language barriers but we managed to uncover some interesting facts. Qzone was created by Tencent Holdings, which is a publicly owned holding company and also owns QQ which is China’s largest internet service portal. On Alexa QQ is ranked 10th in the world and 2nd in China. Alexa then breaks it down by showing that roughly 20% of that traffic is for Qzone. In 2009 Tencent produced a report that stated that Qzone had more than 200 million users. The infographic below shows that the number has increased to about 480 million users second only to Facebook.


In addition, a translation of an original QQ press release states that not only are their numbers high but that they also have the most active community in the industry:

“Recent data shows, that not only is the user number of Tencent the highest in the world, but also do they represent the most active community in the whole industry. Within half a year QQ managed to have 40 to 50 million simultaneously active online users. Among the Qzone users, 150 million update their accounts at least once a month. Writing blogs, sharing photos and pictures, and making new friends are among the most popular online applications. 4 million users are uploading photos on a daily basis, the number of photos uploaded averages out at 60 million daily, and 9.5 million new blog entries are registered everyday.”

Why does this social networking site work? Well it has been an offshoot of the already popular QQ Messenger. Qzone also allows for multiple functions, allowing users to keep a blog, diary, upload photos and listen to music. It seems to me to almost have a bit of a MySpace feel with a far broader reach. I would love to try out the QQ network, if only I spoke Chinease.

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Tatenda Mutsekwa

Tatenda Mutsekwa, writer at The Heavy Chef Project, has come into our digital kitchen like a stiff breeze. With a mix of refreshing directness and eager intellect, Tatenda is carving a unique space in amongst the crew at HC. On a daily basis, Tatenda cooks up visionary views and digital stews. Find her on Twitter at @tat_hilda.

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