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Published on 17 August 2009

Always a hot topic: ‘Mobi-sites’

We know just about every person in this world owns a handset. We know the majority of mobile devices can access the web. But the question still comes up over-and-over again, how many people actually use their handsets to access the web?

Seems the proof is in the pudding.

Recent statistics from’s mobile audience shows that their mobi site attracts 12.5 mil unique visits per month (that is over-and-above the 7.2 mil mobile app downloads).

To this point,’s ‘repeat rate’ among mobile visitors is nearly 100 percent, says Cameron Clayton, VP of mobile for The Weather Channel Interactive. Wow.

Does that settle the debate? Hardly. Stats, stats, damn lies some would say.

Still, you have to admit, the mobile web is making some strong moves towards becoming a must for businesses to use as a marketing tool… something that our humble agency is also realizing more and more by each passing day.

(source: Forrester Blog)

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