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Will Google Plus Boost Brands? Posted in Heavy Chef News, Concocted by Wendy Tayler, 15 comments
Published on 1 August 2011

One month after launch, and with exclusive members only, Google Plus has already reached over 20 million users. And if that in itself doesn’t mean success, Google Plus will also feature a business product which will enable measurement and analytical enhancement.

More of this is yet to be revealed, but some options already available include the ‘circle’ tab which allows for members to separate their professional connections from the personal family and friends. Video-conferencing is also made possible through Google Plus with the ‘hangout’ tool. This option has not been offered before by current social media networks such as Facebook.  The business tool is said to be available on the platform from the end of 2011.


As discussed by Judy Standifer of New Jersey News, a great example of the power of Google Plus is, which found that 67 percent of its online referrals came from Google Plus in one day. Although the initial launch of Google Plus did not cater for businesses, the opportunity was obviously grabbed nonetheless and members were using their profiles to advertise their brands. Google has kindly asked businesses to wait until the release of the business product and promises to make it worthwhile.

It is interesting to note that during this trial phase, Google Plus has not run any sidebar advertisements. That is expected to change once it is officially launched. The introduction of the business profile is meant to allow online marketers to have useful options that personal profiles do not have. This will increase brand efficiency and marketers are sure to get more out of the product using this specific feature. The ‘spark’ tab in Google Plus is a place where one can express interests and hobbies. Linking these words to businesses in their respective genres will be a giant boost in online traffic for marketers. The new rules regarding compulsory public profiles is also sure to stimulate an openness and information sharing atmosphere around Google Plus and all brands who will grab the opportunity that awaits.

All signs point to increased brand efficiency and new online marketing opportunities with Google+.

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Wendy Tayler

Wendy is the Editor in Chief at Heavy Chef. After 3 years cooking up a storm at UNISA studying English and Communications, Wendy decided to mesh her passion for writing with her love of digital. She firmly believes the world is moving into the online sphere and can be found writing, tracking down great names for interviews, or singing her heart out at the World Wide Creative studio.

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  1. SmartGoogle says

    The situation for Facebook will change. Many developer are ready some plugin for a complete social network integration. One of this is Gooce, you read and post to Facebook, but you see your feeds inside Google Plus, and much more ….. try it and please give me your feedback.

  2. diesot says

    The problem with Google+ isn’t so much getting users, but keeping them active. Most people already had Google accounts and making G+ membership “exclusive” initially, Google made sure that it racked up a massive membership tally in a very short space of time. People were curious. But how many people can honestly say that a month later they use G+ all that much? I’m all for social networking competition, but then don’t give me a social network that in most ways mimic the one I’m already used to (FB). Why would I then want to make the shift? LinkedIn and Twitter at least have unique selling points, but G+ is mostly exactly the same as Facebook – with circles. And you can bet FB will bring out a similar system soon.

  3. Agnes Sokol says

    Good point Diesot. We are exploring now how much people actually Google + now the initial launch frenzy has passed. G+ does have some unique features but the argument can be made that you can basically get the same functionalities from other big 3 social networking sites. I signed up to see what the buzz was all about but have not been using my G+ account as often as my other established sites. How about you?

  4. diesot says

    I think I signed in 3 times – 1 of which was to switch off the annoying notifications every time someone added me to a circle :) I just haven’t found anything on there that’s worth my while – or rather, nothing that I don’t already have covered by FB, Twitter and to a lesser extent LinkedIn.

  5. Grinch says

    You can’t extrapolate your own usage to that of everyone else. You’ve signed in thrice, I’ve signed in just about everyday because its utility for me is curation as opposed to friend management.

  6. Tatenda Mutsekwa says

    I have been using G+ during the week because there is no blackberry app and I forget to log on during the weekend. But I am enjoying myself so far. I was told that the difference between G+ and Facebook is that on G+ people post things that lead to discussions. And if you choose you can have these post available to the public. Another feature I like is the hangouts. Being able to video chat with a bunch of people for free is bonus. Are those good enough selling points for people to continue using G+? Time will tell.

  7. Agnes Sokol says

    Also, it depends what you are using the platform for. If it is only for person use vs. if you are using it to promote a brand in a digital marketing capacity, good call Grinch.

  8. Fred Roed says

    Nice one team – I’m really interested to see how they roll out more functions and applications whilst retaining the cleanliness and usability. I think they’ve done a good job to date – really like the group chat / video conferencing thing – and I can see some incisive opportunities to move into the corporate space. I echo Diesot (above) though – those notifications are annoying. My work life is busy enough; I don’t need more noise.

  9. Louis 'King of the Jungle' J v Rensburg says

    The referral % indicated above sounds too good to be true, but considering the initial hype around G+, it might be believable.

    Still, G+ ‘boost’ for brands will only be determined over time. For now, it’s early days. I am adopting a wait and see approach.

  10. Agnes Sokol says

    It does seem to be quite a dramatic example (referral %s) but we will be keeping an eye on brands and corporates using this new platform to their full advantage….time will only tell.

  11. Rudolf says

    I agree with Rich’s opinion in his talk about social media in the second last Heavy Chef.

  12. tawanda says

    The plugin for integration will probably increase my activity on G+. However, being so used to FB & Twitter it will take time for me to fully play on G+, besides, most of my friends are still blinded by FB & Twitter and dont even see G+

  13. Agnes Sokol says

    Valid point, we tend to go where our friends hang out. If your personal and professional network resides on FB & Twitter, it may be harder to get into this new platform.

  14. Wendy Tayler says

    I do agree with Richard’s talk, however I think that we will never be overwhelmed with social media sites because as we pick up new ones, we tend to drop the older ones. Who is still on MySpace?! But yes, some are bound to flop and others soar. We will see how Google Plus does.

  15. Lesego says

    I am finding my usage of G+ rather low. one of the big reasons is that i need to segment all my networks into the usage needs i am looking. the reality is that if you are on all of the platforms you need to make it work for you. i dont have alot of friends that are native enough to hop onto G+ so its a bit useless for me to expect serous relational exchange to go down. plus facebook is already there for that. for me it will work well alongside facebook as a curation tool. anyway, in south africa, i dont know how long it will take to reach the facebook levels of traction. dont baggage the same expectations onto the platforms and dont let the lines blur on the role of the platforms. i also like the android app and how it integrates with my photos.. i think using it as a photo management will be great. and once they include the other google services into the app then it will be a serious game changer.