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Brought to you by Heavy Chef and Xero, the Heavy Chef Guide is a recipe book outlining all the ingredients you need to get cracking with your world-changing idea. Author Fred Roed is CEO of Heavy Chef (Pty) Ltd. He has started several businesses, as well as mentored dozens of successful startup entrepreneurs. Packed with loads of insights from other Heavy Chefs, this is a funny, accessible and brutally authentic guide. 

“South African startups and small businesses account for 36% of the GDP.
By 2030, 90% of all new jobs will be created by startups. Books like these will help them do better.”

Colin Timmis, Country Manager, South Africa - Xero

“We have access to all the tech and contacts and ideas we could wish for.
This allows us to think and create and dream, but starting a business is not easy.
Having a guide, and a good one, makes it so much easier. This is that guide.” 

Andre de Wet, CEO and Founder -

"Super easy to read, really practical and full of great locally-relevant advice.
I also enjoyed the stories of local entrepreneurs throughout the book.
But what sunk in for me, in particular, was the concept of being a Heavy Chef."

Catherine Blersch, Freelance Consultant


“I genuinely was blown away by the book.
It is honest, it is relevant and it gives you all the feels that there are people out there who want you to succeed.
Whose success is your success. Whose failures are willingly offered to mitigate your risk of making the same mistakes.
And I say mitigate because I now understand that maybe Silicon Valley’s mantras are right.
Failure is as much a part of the journey as success is, and keeping going is the only way to get there.
If you are a budding entrepreneur, I would highly recommend getting your hands on the guide.
It makes me excited for the future that lies ahead for me and other young entrepreneurs.

Megs Hollis, Creativepreneur