Interns, Professionals, Graduates Are Coming To Cape Town To Work And Study.

In January 2018, Heavy Chef is placing a delegation of international professionals and graduates into local social ventures. Coming from Europe, the United Kingdom and North America, the first placements will roll-up their sleeves and get stuck into inspirational ventures based in Cape Town, where Heavy Chef’s headquarters are located. 

The programmes are a natural extension of Heavy Chef

When Fred Roed, CEO and Founder of Heavy Chef, started building the Heavy Chef community in 2007, he said it was an organic growth from the get-go. “The only hurdle we faced was when the odd person came to our events thinking that it was a cooking show.” 

Heavy Chef is a community of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and graduates based in South Africa. Since its inception it has become well known for the monthly events it holds in Cape Town and Johannesburg, featuring local and international speakers on topics within technology, leadership and creativity. 

"We’re tapping into our formidable network of startups and ventures in the Cape Town region."

“We get contacted regularly by international professionals who want to come and work and study in Cape Town, says Roed. “As a natural extension of our events, workshops and media offerings, we’re tapping into our formidable network of startups and ventures in the Cape Town region and matching these candidates with the best fit for their expertise.” 

Experienced new member joins the senior Heavy Chef team

Zsofia Ivony, Heavy Chef's new COO.

Zsofia Ivony, Heavy Chef's new COO.

Heavy Chef has recruited Zsofia Ivony as a new COO to assist with this new arm of the organisation. Ivony, originally from Hungary and settled in Sea Point, has a decade of experience placing international visitors to South Africa in local companies. Previously a senior member of EF Language School, the largest language exchange service for graduates and interns in the world, Ivony is excited to join the Heavy Chef team. 

"A comprehensive offering for Heavy Chef’s international community members."

“I’m incredibly excited about this offering.” says Ivony. “We’ve created a comprehensive offering for Heavy Chef’s international community members. They are incentivised to stay, work and learn in Cape Town with a tailored package that includes luxury accommodation, a short course through our education partner Getsmarter, events featuring amazing entrepreneurs - and an experience of a lifetime!” 

An important aspect of Heavy Chef’s programme is the short course included in the service. Thanks to Getsmarter’s world class platform, successful candidates will receive accreditation via Oxford, MIT or Cambridge. 

Applicants can submit their entry into the programme for consideration via the Heavy Chef website, where more details of the offering are listed.