EVENT: The 4th Industrial Revolution: What Is It? And, How The Hell Do We Survive It?

At the new OPEN Workspace auditorium in Cape Town, 31st October and in Sandton, Johannesburg, on Tuesday the 17 October 2017, two of South Africa’s foremost thought-leaders will tackle the question “How to survive, and thrive, in the 4th Industrial Revolution”.  

Wait, what? 4th Industrial whadda?

Yeah, okay. Few really know what the term means, but it appears that the term '4th Industrial Revolution' has hit the big time.

‘Heavy Chef’ is the bustling entrepreneur community formed in 2005, and registered as a company in 2016. It has been focusing on ‘4IR’ themes recently, and this month is hosting two of South Africa’s preeminent thought leaders to unpack the concept on the Heavy Chef stage.

Fred Roed, CEO and Founder of Heavy Chef, says: “These days, every consultant with a decent tie has an hour-long slide deck packed with scary '4IR' stats… designed solely to sell us more hours of more scary stats. Heck, even our previous speaker, Magda Wierzycka of Sygnia, recently launched a fund that tracks this stuff. What next?”

Well, it turns out that 'what next' is actually kinda important.

Roed continues: “The 4th Industrial Revolution refers to an age of connected physical, digital, and biological things. Think, your toaster speaking to your phone, then you winking at your phone to order more bread.”

The 1st Industrial Revolution alludes to steam power taking folks out of their farms into cities back in the 1800's; the 2nd to mass production before 1st World War; while the 3rd Industrial Revolution focuses on the age of computers, everywhere. Looking forward, we're at the brink of unprecedented advances in technology. We're entering a heady age of artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, drones, energy storage and quantum computing. Phew! How will we function in amongst all that lot?

“We posed that very question to two of South Africa's preeminent thinkers in the space,” says Roed.

Marc Rogatschnig is a Clinical Psychologist and leadership consultant with over 15 years of experience. Marc has worked with blue chip clients such as Woolworths, Coronation, Microsoft and General Electric, across Africa and the Middle East. Marc will begin the talk, focusing on the learnings that he is uncovering while completing his Phd on Leadership (um... in between tending to his family, travelling the world, writing books and surfing). Marc will reveal the surprising truth in what makes a leader succeed in this tumultuous environment.

Marc Rogatschnig, Clinical Psychologist, author and internationally-renowned Executive Coach. 

Marc Rogatschnig, Clinical Psychologist, author and internationally-renowned Executive Coach. 


Rich Mulholland is a successful entrepreneur, consultant and one of the best public speakers South Africa has ever produced. Rich is also the author of the best-selling book Legacide, which speaks to the way we think about change and innovation.

Rich will close off the event by sharing the unique perspective he has gleaned from 15+ years building businesses, working with some of Africa's top leaders, as well as speaking at some of the world's preeminent conferences and leadership festivals.

Rich Mulholland, successful entrepreneur and best-selling author. 

Rich Mulholland, successful entrepreneur and best-selling author. 

Roed exclaims: “This is going to be a firecracker session. I reckon this is going to be October's most stimulating, fun, entertaining and unmissable event - so buy your tickets quick. Seats are R95 each - essentially 1/80000 the price of a firepool.”

Heavy Chef creates inspirational experiences for graduates, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

“Our name comes from the saying never trust a skinny chef,” Roed explains. “We celebrate people who walk the talk, who practice what they preach - who eat their own food. We believe that, in a world of talkers, it's the doers that are going to change it. Together with our partners, we aim to inspire our community members to start things and empower them to succeed.”

Heavy Chef will also be hosting Marc and Rich in Cape Town on the 31st October. Tickets for either event can be purchased on Quicket or the Heavy Chef website: www.heavychef.com/upcoming-event