Heavy Chef launches 'Tours' offering.

Heavy Chef, best known for its monthly events held in Johannesburg and Cape Town, launched its ‘Tours” offering on Valentine’s Day, 2017. Heavy Chef founder, Fred Roed, announced at a packed FinTech-themed gathering in Cape Town, that Heavy Chef will be taking a limited number of delegates to London’s Silicon Roundabout, in April this year. 
“If you have any interest in financial services, this is the most important trip you can take this year,” said Roed. “The Shoreditch area in London has the greatest concentration of quality FinTech startups in the world. We plan to visit these companies, meet the people behind them and then share this knowledge with the Heavy Chef community back home.” 
Heavy Chef, the platform for inspirational “doers”
Heavy Chef is a platform for 'people that do', focusing on leadership, tech and creativity. It began as a side project of the agency that Roed founded, World Wide Creative (WWC). It was a passion project that was borne out of a casual conversation with a client, around 2005 and comes from the phrase "I never trust a skinny chef". Roed and partners Mike Perk and Louis Janse van Rensburg started using the term "Heavy Chef" around the studio when motivating for new work. Soon after that, Roed decided to invite people that he admired, the people he deemed to be Heavy Chefs in South Africa, to come and speak to the WWC team about what they were doing. 
These talks ended up being really inspirational and outsiders started inviting themselves to attend - and then quickly grew to being the most popular regular digital-focused talks in the country. In the last two years Roed created the HC Magazine and now a TV Show (launching mid-2017 via Primedia's channels). The community has grown to the extent that Roed decided to resign from WWC in December last year and run Heavy Chef full-time. 
The story behind Heavy Chef Tours
In an interview with the industry news website, BizCommunity, Roed explained the origin of the Tours offering. “Until now, Heavy Chef have been bringing doers to our community. Last year, we asked the question: what if we bring the community to the doers?” 
The idea of Heavy Chef Tours quickly evolved out of that thought into the first product-offering out of the newly registered business. “We plan to offer tours to the most interesting and inspiring hotspots around the world where there is an intense concentration of Heavy Chefs focused around one topic. There are so many fascinating sectors that are being disrupted - we want to get to the heart of these areas, and meet the people, the Heavy Chefs, that are driving the change.” 
The FinTech Tour to London
“The first initiative I'm launching as full time CEO of Heavy Chef is the new "Tours" offering,” explains Roed. 
“For the first tour, we're leaving on the 18th of April, and touring the Old Street area of London for three days. The FinTech tour is focusing on six themes: cryptocurrency, credit, insurance, transactions, access and security. We have organised some of the top FInTech startups in the world - companies like Transferwise, a money transfer company that allows you to save 90% of your fees through disrupting the status quo.” 
The tour is designed to give delegates a glimpse into the crystal ball of finance. 
“We're heading into an era where currencies and the world of finance are going to be irreversibly and irrevocably changed,” says Dan Bowyer, a leading tech investor and facilitator on the tour. “We believe this trip is an essential tour for anyone working in the financial services or related industries to attend.”
Dan Bowyer will run a workshop at the end of the three days. The workshop is designed to assimilate the learnings of the previous three days and internalise them into delegates’ own businesses. “How can we change?” says Bowyer. “How can we use these learnings in an African context?” 
More information can be found on the tours on the Heavy Chef website, or by directly emailing the Heavy Chef team at tours@heavychef.com