Heavy Chef Event 6 July: The Future Is Drones

Attention, tech fanatics and curious bystanders: our upcoming Heavy Chef event is for you.


You cannot escape the pervasiveness of drones nowadays. Just last week, I went for a swim at the Sea Point Virgin Active. As I dried off in the change room, two bare-naked old men next to me discussed drone specs. Their nekkid bits swayed in splendour whilst they cheerfully dropped terms like “tap fly”, “obstacle avoidance” and “terrain follow”. 

When near-70 year old gentlemen are exchanging drone stories while air-drying in a gym, you know that drones have truly arrived. However, the future is not just a million millennials (and a few sporty old dudes) adding clumsy drone footage to their vlogs. The future is far more than the Mavic Pro in your backpack.

A fundamental shift in how we get around is coming soon and it’s only a matter of time until it hits. Uber expects its first flying cars to appear in Austin and Dubai by 2020 and the Federal Aviation Authority in the USA has granted permission to six companies to test their flying car prototypes at a secret location in Nevada.

Ja. Hectic. Flying cars boet. 

To unpack this airborne future, and just what drone technology means for us, we’ve asked renowned consultant, entrepreneur and investor, Heidi Patmore, to unpack her research next week Thursday, in Johannesburg. 

To whet your appetite, check these out: 

Thanks to our awesome partners, Primedia, Backsberg, CBC, Sir Fruit and WWC, these events are aimed to inspire and empower our community. 

Book your seat quick. We have a few surprises in store which we’ll announce next week on social media. 

See you there!