EVENT - Heavy Chef Startup Nation: Two Of SA's Most Exciting Startups

Aisha Pandor, CEO of SweepSouth, and Michael Deon, CEO of Augmentors.

Aisha Pandor, CEO of SweepSouth, and Michael Deon, CEO of Augmentors.

Heavy Chef has become a leader in the event space in South Africa and is growing at a rapid pace, adding more value to the brand and to the audience it has cherished over the years.

2017 has been super exciting, and at the end of July, Heavy Chef Events will be continuing our inspire and empower series, with the focus on entrepreneurship. This time, we’re casting a lens on two of Africa’s most exciting startups: SweepSouth and Augmentors.

We’ve invited Aisha Pandor, CEO of SweepSouth, and Michael Deon, CEO of Augmentor’s Game, to come and unpack what it means to start a red hot startup in today’s economy.

SweepSouth is an on-demand cleaning service company, founded in 2014 by Aisha Pandor and her husband Alen Ribic. The platform connects cleaners with home owners. The company has raised R7m in funding from venture capital providers, including FNB’s EdgeGrowth and Newton Partners. Last year Pandor and Ribic spent four months in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, participating in the prestigious 500 Startups accelerator.

Augmentors is a game created by Michael Deon and is the first ever Blockchain-based augmented reality game in existence. Augmentors is backed by South African-born Internet entrepreneur turned venture capitalist Vinny Lingham. Earlier this year, the startup’s initial crowdfunding raked in more than $500 000 (R6.7 million) in just 24 hours. Michael Deon and his partner Kyle Haffenden first pitched their concept on Shark Tank South Africa.

Buy your tickets quick! They're R50 each (sorta like the price of a movie ticket - but you're way smarter after) and 100% of proceeds go to charity.

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Heavy Chef creates inspirational experiences for graduates, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Our name comes from the saying never trust a skinny chef*. We celebrate people who walk the talk, who practice what they preach - who eat their own food. We believe that, in a world of talkers, it's the doers that are going to change it. Together with our partners, we aim to inspire our community members to start things and empower them to succeed.

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