It Takes Real Balls To Be An Entrepreneur

Sorta like Africa, being an entrepreneur is not for sissies. It's challenging and energy-sapping. Hence why the super healthy snack company Joe & Co created a super healthy snack for people like us: 'Real Balls'. Heavy Chef's new sponsor at events will be feeding fiery-eyed entreps at the bar, keeping our bodies sated and our minds on point.

We interviewed Joe & Co's progressive CEO / Founder, Joe Schuler, to find out what's the special sauce in these magical balls, and what advice he has for the crazy ones in Heavy Chef's community. 

Joe, what's special about Joe & Co's Real Balls? 

Joe & Co is proud to be the home of 'Real Good Snacking'. We believe we have created a strong alternative to the options available to those of us on the run. Real Balls is made from real ingredients and contains no added nasties. They're a delicious - truly! - blend of dried fruits, nuts and spices. 

How and where are they made? 

They're made right here in Cape Town!


The delicious products Heavy Chef guests get to devour 

The delicious products Heavy Chef guests get to devour 

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs today, getting stuck into the frenetic world of starting your own initiative? 

Look at long-term trends and identify where and how you can innovate alongside them. People are bored of the same old snacks and we've created something unique and fun. We are constantly innovating and looking for ways to disrupt the snacking category. Our advice? Get stuck in and keep looking for ways to disrupt and always make sure you're adding value. 

What are the biggest health trends you see happening around the world ? 

We recently attended the largest Food Show in the US and it's clear that consumers want transparency - to know where the products are coming from and exactly what's in them. They're tired of being hoodwinked. Another trend is a major move towards products made from real ingredients - consumers have become label-savvy and they're calling brands out on it. 

What are the biggest pitfalls business people fall into when thinking about diet?  

Not understanding your consumer. What works for you, might not work for them. It's crucial to understand how they think, view and interact with food, before creating products for them. Second is testing the market, some flavours and ingredients, no matter how much you love them, might not speak to your consumers. So first research, and then market testing.

Joe & Co will be debuting their Real Balls at Heavy Chef at our event on Monday the 18th September, featuring Magda Wierzycka