January’s Heavy Chef Events In Johannesburg & Cape Town Reveals 2018’s Hottest Trends And Show You How To Apply Them

Heavy Chef is kicking off the year with a sneak peek into the future. Two of the most respected consultants working in South Africa’s technology sector right now, FutureWorld’s Craig Wing and WWC’s Mike Perk, are on stage in Johannesburg and Cape Town on the 25th and 30th January.

2018 is upon us and it’s already exhilarating. 

Blockchain in its various forms is set to bedazzle us even further. Crypto is still compelling, despite what Warren Buffett has to say. Artificial intelligence is scary, but staggering in its utility and scope. 

And there are robots everywhere! 

The tricky thing for business folk, however, is how is all this stuff to be applied? Heavy Chef has invited two experts who have been getting stuck into these fascinating topics and share their knowledge with the Heavy Chef community. 



Craig Wing is an ex-Googler, Small Business Marketing at Google South Africa. Craig was named ‘Googliest Googler’ in Africa by his peers and is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in Africa, Europe and San Francisco. Craig travels the world advising smart people on current trends in technology. 

Mike Perk is the founder of WWC, the digital transformation firm that he started with Heavy Chef founder, Fred Roed. Mike’s career in digital began back in the mid 1990's and ever since, he has been consulting and helping companies grow and transform in the digital age. Mike has worked with clients in all sectors, including Rand Merchant Bank, Virgin Mobile, Hyundai, Old Mutual, Woolworths, City of Cape Town and iStore.

If we learned anything from 2017 it’s that the world is increasingly becoming “VUCA”.

VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. 2018 will undoubtedly continue on the same trajectory. That’s both awesomely exciting and decidedly terrifying. So what should you be thinking about as we embark on a new year full of change, unpredictability and, yes, even opportunity? Join Craig and Mike as they go beyond the specifics like Blockchain (you know it’s more than Bitcoin right?), AI, Robotics and even living forever, but for businesses the move to exponential and platform businesses that have leveraged the 6D's. Beyond that though, they’ll address the most crucial question of "why." 

So join on the 25th in Johannesburg or the 30th in Cape Town and listen to Craig and Mike edutain as both them have done already in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Dubai, India and across Africa. Set aside your New Year’s resolutions, put on your future thinking VR headsets and book your seats. 

Tickets can be purchased on Quicket or the Heavy Chef website: www.heavychef.com/upcoming-event