Why Does Heavy Chef Exist? [Podcast Interview]

For founder of Creative Seed, Lee Rael, what began as a solo hustle a decade ago has grown into a vibrant company of creative misfits hellbent on making a difference through design. Lee works with local and international clients making a positive impact in the world. By combining values with creativity, Creative Seed functions as an intersection where passion meets purpose.

“After all,” says Lee, “we love what we do and who we do it for, not to mention why. Our excitement for the work we do is driven by our dreams. We envision a world where organisations doing good can enjoy the visual splendour and aesthetic sophistication more commerical operations traditionally enjoy.”

Recently, Lee and his team launched SeedPod, a podcast seeking to unearth the impactive, socially relevant entrepreneurs in South Africa and beyond. Last week, Lee interviewed Heavy Chef founder Fred Roed.

Fred Roed has been through the proverbial entrepreneurial ringer. Bankrupt, and with over a million Rand in debt at age 27, we hear the story of how he balanced and reframed “failure” to now head up “Heavy Chef”, a platform that connects people through learning experiences. Heavy Chef’s objective is to inspire people to start things, and then empower them to succeed. This hugely inspiring chat reminds us that as pioneers we need to retain a healthy perspective on failure, and to cherish the journeyman inside us all.