Bradley Elliott: The Five Major Trends That Are Sweeping African eCommerce

Bradley Elliott is the CEO of South African digital marketing agency Platinum Seed. Brad preceded Arthur Goldstuck on stage at the Cape Town leg of the Heavy Chef eCommerce series, held in October and November 2018. Platinum Seed partnered with Visa and Goldstuck's research advisory firm World Wide Worx to create the largest ever survey conducted in Africa, focusing on eCommerce. Elliott delivered an inspiring talk, originating in some of the major signals from Alibaba and China's behemoth eCommerce market and then reverting to lessons from Jumia and African eCommerce trends. Elliott ended his talk with five key takeouts to learn from the African example. If you're interested in doing eCommerce in Africa, this talk is the essential base for your research - then, follow it up with Arthur Goldstuck's talk, also on the Heavy Chef YouTube channel.

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