Cape Town’s Tech Ecosystem Leaders Announce ‘Cape Town Startup Week’, A Celebration Of Startups In The Western Cape

A collaboration of tech ecosystem organisations - including Silicon Cape, Heavy Chef, Startup Grind Cape Town, Future Females, Startupbootcamp, Workshop17, Inner City Ideas Cartel and CiTi - announced today the launch of the inaugural ‘Cape Town Startup Week’, which aims to celebrate a year of entrepreneurial endeavour in the Western Cape. The week has been set for Monday 3rd December, running to Thursday 6th December 2018.


“Our community has been hard at work to build this incredibly vibrant community over the past 12 months,” said Kerry Petrie. “Cape Town Startup Week is essentially our intent to celebrate the contribution that all our entrepreneurs and innovators have made to our ecosystem and to the South African economy.”

The week is comprised of an agenda of participating events, all focusing on celebrating success and the achievements of entrepreneurs over the past year.

The first day, Monday 3rd December, kicks off with Future Females running an event at Workshop17 in Cape Town. The following morning, Tuesday 4th December, Startupbootcamp will be providing a free workshop to the local community, showcasing the level of input that their team is being globally recognised for.

Then, on Tuesday evening, 4th December, at 6pm, Heavy Chef will be announcing the winners of their poll of “SA’s Top 5 Most Exciting Startups” for 2018. Last year’s winners were SweepSouth, Wala, Zoona, JUMO and Yoco - all of whom have gone further to receive international respect for the pioneering work they’re doing across the continent.

On Wednesday, Silicon Valley investor and consultant to Uber on scale, Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski, will be speaking at Startup Grind and revealing some of the techniques that Uber used to become the fastest growing company in history. On Thursday, Luna-Ostaseski will be presenting a 4-hour Masterclass for Heavy Chef at Workshop17. On Thursday evening, the week will finish off with a VIP get together, with Minister of Economic Opportunities speaking to industry leaders on the challenges and accomplishments of the local government in business.

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