What The Hell Is Up With Bitcoin?

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone has strong opinions about it. And everyone is making predictions. Is it a bubble? Is it in a slump? When will it pop? Does it even make sense? You guessed it, we’re talking about Bitcoin. 

And we’re taking a deep dive at it with one of the most vocal commentators on cryptocurrency in the country. We’ll be hosting Simon Dingle, the CEO of Inves to unpack the meaning behind the dips and dives, the confusion and the elation behind Bitcoin. Is it today's Tencent, or tomorrow's tulip? 

Bitcoin, explained. 

Bitcoin is the digital currency introduced as open-source software in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockchain is the technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrency, among them the best known, Bitcoin. We all got that, right? Even the less technophiles, like yours truly. So how do we make sense of all the hype surrounding it, its wild price ride and opposing predictions about its future? Fear no more, we’ve got Simon Dingle in da house to enlighten us. 


Simon is the founder of Inves Capital and Phantom Design, and has been working in cryptocurrency since 2011. He was part of the teams that built 22seven and Luno in Cape Town, and Curve in London. He is currently focused on investments and works in the fintech arena where there are opportunities to bridge the old world of money with the new world of cryptocurrency. Before all that Simon worked in strategic communications with clients that included Google, Oracle, and the Shuttleworth Foundation.

In addition, Simon also used to host shows on Talk Radio 702, a bunch of podcasts, was technology editor at Finweek Magazine and wrote columns for Brainstorm and Computing SA. Simon still does a weekly tech show on 5FM.

Are you a lofty bitcoin specialist? Or intimidated by this conceptually intricate phenomenon? Or anything in between? This conversation is for you! Come join us on February 27 in Cape Town or on February 28 in Johannesburg for what promises to be an illuminating event. We’re also holding a Masterclass on the morning of February 27 in the Mother City for those who want to make sure Simon answers all their questions. In Johannesburg, the Masterclass will be held after the main event, on the morning of March 1. 

Tickets can be purchased via Quicket or on the Heavy Chef website: www.heavychef.com/upcoming event