Event Report: The Power Of Online Influence

Heavy Chef hosted four top level speakers this month, presenting one of the most impactive human phenomena of the modern age: the power of online influence. Public interest in both events had been considerable with the Cape Town talks sold out two days before the event.

Arthur Goldstuck, Dave Duarte, Keenan Harduth and Heleen Mills. 

Arthur Goldstuck, Dave Duarte, Keenan Harduth and Heleen Mills. 

Fred Roed, founder of Heavy Chef says: “March is a bumper month for Heavy Chef events. We’re proud to host Dave Duarte, Arthur Goldstuck, Keenan Harduth and Heleen Mills to present case studies on social influence that will challenge the way we think about human social behaviour, its intricacies, pitfalls, misconceptions and amazing opportunities.” 

The Power Of Online Influence: Johannesburg

On March 14, the Heavy Chef tribe of Johannesburg met world renowned Digital Analyst, Arthur Goldstuck of World Wide Worx and Google Consultant and 2015’s Social Media Marketer Of The Year Keenan Harduth. Arthur Goldstuck, together with social intelligence platform Continuon, have conducted a comprehensive analysis of social influence in the social media communities of over 50 brands in 9 categories and 3 social networks. The first study of its kind, Arthur revealed the findings of this research on the Heavy Chef stage.

“We need a new vocabulary for influence” – Arthur explained. “Reach is dead, resonance and relevance are the new measures to watch along with velocity of conversation. And new measures will certainly keep emerging that we need to watch out for.”

Harduth presented the problems in our perception of online influence - how we’re getting it all wrong. He examined corporate versus audience perception of influencers, and took a realistic, but humorous slant on one of the most compelling topics facing business today.

The Power Of Online Influence: Cape Town

The Capetonian audience had the privilege of hearing the Continuon research findings the following day from Continuon co-founder Bradley Elliott himself. Arthur Goldstuck was unfortunately, no pun intended, stuck on the tarmac at the Johannesburg airport for technical reasons.  Dave Duarte returned to the Heavy Chef stage for the 6th time to present his findings on how data and machine learning impacts influencer marketing. Last but not least, captivating the Cape Town audience with her unique stage presence and authenticity, local social media marketer Heleen Mills shared her experiences in project managing #Run4Water, one of the most extraordinary influencer campaigns that has been seen out of South Africa. Check out her amazing talk below: 


As always, Heavy Chef events allow for networking once the guest speakers leave the stage. Complimentary drinks were provided by Backsberg winery, Vida e Caffè and Sir Fruit juice makers. To keep energy levels up, complimentary Joe & Co 'entrepreneur balls' were offered as well. 

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