Your Chance To Meet David Orban, One Of The Top Global Authorities In FinTech

Are you prepared for how technology is going to change your life, your business and your investments in the next 20 years? Wealth Movement, a division of Wealth Migrate which is a global FinTech real estate investment platform, will be hosting the 2018 FINEVENT in March with Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town being host cities.

Heavy Chef CEO Fred Roed, in anticipation of the new event series, says: "Wealth Migrate is an exciting startup that has recently come onto our radar. Their success has been impressive in a short space of time, with strong results and charismatic leadership. Heavy Chef is excited to be going to the first of what promises to be a highlight of the annual events calendar." 

The event is aimed at gathering established and emerging FinTech innovators for a networking session and discussion on the latest trends and hot topics in FinTech.

South Africans have a unique opportunity to meet, learn and network with David Orban, one of the top innovators and global authorities in FinTech, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and exponential technologies.

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David is an early adopter of Blockchain technologies and has been an active Bitcoin investor since 2010. He was also the first person to invest in Ether during the Ethereum launch in 2014. He is asked to speak all over the world, is a venture capitalist, faculty member of Singularity University and most importantly someone who believes technology can solve grand challenges.

10 things to learn at the FINEVENT 2018:

  1. Learn about how your mindset and technology can change people’s lives
  2. Learn about how technology is changing the way we invest .
  3. Learn how to invest in first world assets, earn a first world income, create the freedom you want in your life and become a global citizen from as little as $1000. 
  4. Learn how you can use technology to make the EFF & ANC comments about land redistribution without compensation irrelevant and what the solutions are. 
  5. Learn which exponential technologies are the most important going forward for business, investment and real estate – what are the top 10 trends and what do you have to do to embrace the change and use it to your advantage
  6. Learn how Blockchain will have a bigger impact on your life than the internet has in the last 20 years. 
  7. Learn about the future of education, investing and work as we know it.
  8. Learn about Bitcoin and other crypto currencies and which are the best to invest in 2018 and long term.
  9. Learn about funding in Africa from crowdfunding to ICO’s.
  10. Get involved in an interactive investment session where you will be able to act and not only sign up to the best platforms, but invest in the best real estate opportunities globally, the best cypto’s and ICO’s and the best equity platform.

Start your journey to being a Global Citizen and take steps to creating the freedom you want for you and your family.


  1. Johannesburg: 24 March 2018
  2. Cape Town: 27 March 2018
  3. Durban: 28 March 2018

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