Craig Wing: A Day In Your Future, Smart Coffee, Smart Underpants And... Smart Condoms?

Craig Wing (not the Australian rugby player!) is a Futurist consulting to companies on the African continent and beyond. He is the ex-Head of Small Business Marketing at Google South Africa. Craig was named ‘Googliest Googler’ in Africa by his peers. Craig has Masters degrees in both engineering and entrepreneurship. Craig is also a serial entrepreneur who has worked in Africa, Europe and San Francisco - and currently travels the world advising smart people on current trends in technology. In February 2018, Craig presented his very unique views on how a day in your life can look like - and what opportunities lie ahead for you. Taking references from Knight Rider, Star Trek and the movie Cyborg, Craig covers self-driving cars, space travel, machine learning, tech-enabled reincarnation and eternal life. This is a fascinating and inspiring talk.

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